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2008-2009 Jung Club Friday Seminar Series 1-5 pm

Sept. 19th Richard A. Koenigsberg, Ph.D.
Something To Kill and Die For; A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of
Culture, Ideology & History

Author, lecturer and teacher focusing on the roots of collective forms of violence, Dr. Koenigsberg has been writing and lecturing on the sources of war and genocide for over 35 years. He is a Faculty Member at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. His highly acclaimed books—Hitler’s Ideology, The Psychoanalysis of Racism, Revolution and Nationalism, Symbiosis and Separation: Towards a Psychology of Culture, and Dying for One’s Country: War as Sacrifice—established a method and theory for the psychological analysis of political ideology. New editions have recently been released by Information Age Publishing. He is also the Director of the Library of Social Science, a well-known publishing and book-marketing company, organizing book exhibits for scholarly and professional conferences.

November 14th Joseph Cambray, Ph.D.
Emergence, Symmetry and the Contemporary Jungian World

Dr. Cambray is a Jungian analyst in Boston and Providence, RI and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School in the Psychiatric Department at Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition, he is a former President of the C.G. Jung Institute of Boston and is currently President-Elect of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. His numerous publications include “Synchronicity and Emergence” (in American Imago, 2002), “Reconsidering Imitation” (in Who Owns Jung? 2007) and an edited volume with Linda Carter, Analytical Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives in Jungian Psychology. Dr. Cambray has served as the U.S. Editor for The Journal of Analytical Psychology and is on the Editorial Boards of The Journal of Analytical Psychology, Psychoanalytic Psychology, Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, and Israel Annual of Psychoanalytic Theory, Research and Practice.

March 6th Howard H. Covitz, Ph.D., NCPsyA, ABPP
From Oedipus to Ecclesiastes:
A Psychoanalytical Therapist's Journey from Apprenticeship to Maturity

Howard Covitz is a middle-aged supervising psychoanalyst and a licensed psychologist in both Pennsylvania and Virginia, but only after studying religion and mathematics. While having neither a high school degree nor a baccalaureate, Dr. Covitz did doctoral work in both Mathematics and Clinical Psychology. He is a professor of Mathematics Department at Temple University and was Director of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (IPP) from the late 1980's through 2000. He sits on a variety of psychoanalytic boards, including the National Association for the Advancement of

Psychoanalysis. Dr. Covitz' work is based on an object relations oriented treatment approach which he outlined in his 1997 volume Oedipal Paradigms in Collision: A Centennial Emendation of a Piece of Freudian Canon, which was nominated for the 1998 Gradiva Book of the Year Award. Dr. Covitz delivered the keynote address at the 2nd annual Jungian Society Conference, August 2003, Providence, Rhode Island.

May 15th Roger Brooke, Ph.D., ABPP
The Heart of Darkness: The Soldier's Combat Experience and Individuation

Roger Brooke, Ph.D., ABPP, is Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, and has been a clinical psychologist in private practice and psychiatric units for nearly thirty years. He is an affiliate member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, adjunct faculty of the C. G. Jung Institute Analyst Training Program of Pittsburgh, the author of Jung and phenomenology (Trivium 2008; orig. Routledge 1991) and contributing editor of Pathways into the Jungian world (Routledge 1999). His formative professional years were in the upheavals of South Africa in the 1980s, where he worked with trauma survivors on both sides of the political conflicts at that time. He is a veteran paratrooper himself, has a son in the 82nd Airborne, and has recently been developing a network of services for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.