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The National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis



Transformations of the Judeo-Christian God Image

in the Early Common Era and the CollectivePsyche

The Seminar will examine depth psychological aspects of events and personalities
at the intersection of classical Judaism with the birth of the Christian Movement,
all under a Roman military occupation. The emphasis will be upon the ways that collective myths lose their life-organizing power and are replaced or augmented by a new myth, in this instance, by the emergence of a new god-image, or a new manifestation of the Self, in the collective psyche.

Date:    Friday, April 15th, 2011

   The Academy House (Lower Level)
            1420 Locust Street
            Philadelphia, PA 19102

Time:   1:00pm-5:00pm (Registration & Light Lunch at 12:30)

Phone: 215-735-9096 (Academy House) or 215-450-9941 (Marionís cell)

Learning Objectives: Upon Completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the historical setting in Mediterranean civilization at the beginning of the Common Era when revolutionary developments in the collective Western psyche were underway.

  2. Learn how to link elements of the historical setting with a Jungian psychological model in order to understand better the psychodynamics of impending transformations in the collective psyche of the era.

  3. Examine the transformative energies in play at the time of our focus in terms of a new manifestation of the Self in collective consciousness, a psychodrama played out on the sociopolitical stage in the figure of Jesus as the Son of Man.

  4. Learn to unwrap the symbolic imagery in which these extraordinary events are contained, for example, in some of the surviving religious texts of the early Common Era.

Our Presenter: Alden Josey, PhD, NCPsyA holds a degree in Chemistry from Cornell University and was a former research scientist in the DuPont Company, from which he retired after 27 years. He is currently a Jungian analyst who was trained in Zurich and graduated in 1989 as an IAAP-certified Jungian analyst. He has a private practice in Wilmington, Delaware, which he has had for over 20 years. He has been President, Director of Training and Director of Admissions of the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts. He currently has emeritus standing in PAJA where he teaches in the Seminar and supervises training candidates. He has an active schedule of lectures, workshops and private study groups in which he pursues a variety of interests with a current interest in the interface of Psychology and Religion.

CE Credits
This activity is being co-sponsored by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP) and The Philadelphia Jungian Professional Club. NAAP is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor Continuing Education (CE) for psychologists. NAAP maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This program provides four (4) hours of CE credits for Psychologists and Social Worker Board licensees..

FEES: $125 (Enrollment is limited.)
Participants requesting CE credits will be charged an additional $20 ($5 for each credit).

To register, go to http://www.thejungclub.com.  Print out registration form and mail with check to;

      PPS, c/o Dr. Marion Rudin Frank,

      250 S.17th Street, Suite 101,

      Phila.Pa. 19103.

      Or call 215-545-7800